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Portuguese for Foreigners

Getting ready to travel on the beaches, to do an internship or to live in Brazil? Whatever your case, learning Portuguese will be important and interesting to help you relate to the people around you. When making contacts, both in leisure and study and work situations, knowledge of the language and culture is essential.

Portuguese classes for foreigners are offered in the form of private or group classes. In private lessons, the teacher works according to the student's needs and within his own learning pace. The student can express his wishes and help shape his course. Days and times are determined by the student himself and agreed with the teacher.

The groups are formed by few students and after placement test.

Método comunicativo transcultural

Aulas práticas
e de campo

kitesurf lessons, percussion lessons and dance classes

de conclusão

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Portguese Course for Foreign Students

Live the language and culture of Brazil in an immersive course for foreign students, tourists, professionals and residents.

Brazilian people are proud of their cultural diversity that, for being so great and profound, it has spread around the world, for example, in words such as "samba" and "capoeira". In Brazil, the Portuguese language was planted by the colonizers, but with the influence of indigenous and African peoples, it incorporated a variety of vocabulary from the languages spoken by them. Nowadays, the language has the important function of uniting peoples from all the countries, for the sake of the development and to create cultural and economic links.

The Portuguese course for foreigners at Instituto Poliglota aims to develop communication skills, with a deep dive in knowledge of structures, vocabulary and cultural peculiarities expressed in the language.

Group classes will be facilitated in person and the course will take place in Fortaleza, capital of Ceará. The focus will be conversation, emphasizing also on writing and fixing grammatical structures.Field classes will be organized to see historic and iconic places in the city. Practical classes with music, cinema and Brazilian cuisine are also part of the program, aiming to provide students with a complete and unforgettable experience.

  • The course includes: in person group classes, a proprietary Transcultural Communicative Method, classes with music, cinema and Brazilian cuisine, field classes (visits to museums, historical spaces and cultural events) and certificate

  • Optional items: kitesurf lessons, percussion lessons, dance classes (Samba and Forró).

  • A new group starts: every 1st Monday of the month

  • Duration: 6 months

  • Investment: Six monthly interest-free installments of R$1,200.00 each or R$7,200.00 cash (credit cards are accepted)

   For more information, please contact:

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